D.N.A. (Drugs-N-Alkahol) Lyrics

[X] Drugs-N-Alkahol baby! Ahhh!
[S] Uhh.. mm that's funky.. ohh!

Huh, I'm Mr. What-The-f***-You-Lookin-At
I'm Mr. Quick-To-Run-And-Get-The-Gat
Treat you like the hoosd like a diplomat
Xzibit used to push a 'llac, now I'm Range Rovin'
Takin over never sober, bear witness like Jehovah
Enemies fall like October
Restless standin tall like a soldier
We thick like the first Motorola brick cellular phones
cut to the bone, celebratin "Dre Day"
Love it or leave it alone (ha hah)
Just consider me the heir to the throne
The lifestyle of the savage and well known protectin my owns
Rolling stone bringin it home, time for transition
Don't talk too loud, you might find yourself missin
Look into my eyes, all you see is will to survive
by any means, retreatin to the Phillipines
to meditate, liftin train like a heavyweight
Hit you and run with a California license plate

[Chorus: Xzibit + Snoop]
[X] When y'all n***** stop actin like b******
[X] b****** stop actin like n***** we can all clock figures
[S] Hoes on my d***, n***** on my d***
[S] They all on my d***, f*** THAT s***!
[X] When y'all b****** stop actin like n*****
[X] n***** stop actin like b****** we can all get riches
[S] Hoes on my d***, n***** on my d***
[S] f*** THAT s***! We can all get rich!

[Snoop Dogg]
Doggy Dogg is bout to blow up
All.. these Snoop Dogg haters need to slow up, sho' nuff
Know what? X, the game is gettin sewn up
but I'm speedin 'em up and leavin 'em
I'm buckin 'em til they bleedin bruh
Hold up, f*** THAT, you tryin to get swoll up
by the mic controller, clip reloader
Frozen exposure, condos of a composer
Sick like a bowl-of, a bowl of deez nuts
f*** him up, cross him out, then toss him out
With the stamp on his head, n**** Dogghouse
n**** I'm universal crackin Down South (ya heard?)
Poppin my collar with my d*** in your girl's mouth, ha ha
You act like you a dude you get smashed on
Full out my b****** with your f***** up attitude
Nappy-head hoes, worse than b**** n*****
I treat 'em all the same, b**** check yo' game!

With the flick of a wrist, send you deep into the abyss
I don't pop Cryst', but will pop a n**** with this
Made my way to the top of the list, raised your fifth
Anything to keep it movin make it harder to hit
We survive when you thought we was finished and done
Lookin over my cold shoulder is Attila the Hun
The gatling gun, guillotine, Don King's American Dream
Since sixteen, shoulda been a marine
Makin the whole scene collapse, millenium raps
Why fight for scraps, relax and take the whole plate witcha
The penny pitcher with a whole lot of come and get ya
You gettin my picture or do I have to let 'em hit ya? HUAHH!
Feel the adrenaline rush whenever I bust
Got eyes in back of my head
The people the I trust is just like me
Full of spite with very large appetites
I'm too complex to break down in black and white

[Snoop Dogg]
(AH-AHHH!) n*****, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, yeah yeah, ahhh
Yes.. X to the Z, D-O-double-to-the-m***********-G, OOOH-WEE!
Ahh.. this s*** funky right here my n****
Yeah, +Open Bar+ n****, we gettin f***** up
Three four in the morning, ain't no time limits
Huh huh, you ain't tryin to hotbox with us n****
Roll some X, y'know!
Ahh.. n*****, b******, n*****, b******
n*****, b******, n*****, b******
n*****, b******, n*****, b******
n*****, b******, n*****, b******
n*****, b******, n*****, b******
n*****, b******, n*****, it's all the same though
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