Bow Down (explicit) Lyrics

Tha world is mine n**** get back
Dont f*** with my stack the gage is racked
About to drop the bomb Iam tha m*********** don
Big fish in a small pond
Now tha feds wanna throw the book at the crook
But I shook they worm and they hook
Guppies hold they breath they wanna miss me
When Iam tipsey
Runnin everything WEST of the Mississippi
Its the unseen pullin strings wit my pinky ring
We got your woman so pucker up
FO we f*** her up
Bow down before I make a phone call
Got 25 n***** runnin up on ya'll
Fo the cheese we want them keys
Everybody freeze on ya knees b*** naked please
Before any of you guppies get heart
n**** rewind my part and....(Bow Down)
[MACK 10]
I take ten steps and I draw
Now who's dissin the mad a** Inglewood
I bust like a pimple my mind is illmental
The Westside connects with me and south central
And a drag from tha zig zag cant f*** with the
Holdin down tha wild west like a kid they
Call Billy
Once again it's Mack 10 the gold crown holda
Strong as a Coca-Cola with a crome pistola
Now who wanna fuss so I can buss when I cuss
My look bring you fear with gear deom the Surplus
Since a teen I chased tha green the crack scene
Lolos Cornishes and Bagguetts on my peices
So reconize these real G's take the cheese
The WESTSIDE CONNECTION keep it rollin like gold
Three Wheelin and Dealin is like tha California
But in tha mean while in my town you got to
Bow Down when you come to my town
Bow down when we west-ward bound cuz
We aint no haters like you
Bow Down to some n****'s that's greater than
[End Hook]

Well it's that chuck wearin still sportin a
Beanie the shadiest
n**** in the click who want to see me as I slide
My locs on let
My khakis hang WESTSIDE CONNECT gang bing bing
Bang run away run
Away or get yo punk a** sprayed by this H double
O to D to the
S.T.A f*** hidin it iam gang related simple and
Plain which
Means I c**d give a f*** about you n****'s in
The rap game
Flashy n****'s get stuck up beat the f*** up when
You come around
Keep your chain tucked from this zero zero's
Affiliated f*** a
Studio lyricist I'm real with this talk the talk
Walk the walk
Dis me on WAX and Iam tryin to saw your whole f*****
Head off
I'm platium bond so b**** shut up punk all yahh
Could kiss my converse like sh'o nuff....
[ICE CUBE--Spoken]

(Yea lemme tell you sumthin)
(gangsta's make the world go round)
(you aint gotta clown)
(But if you livin on tha WEST SIDE of yo town)
(Make them other fool's BOW DOWN)
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