Turn Lyrics

Woke up walking on water
Ditching my alma mater
Made a lot of mistakes from mimicking ways of my father
Father can you forgive me? Sinning since I remember
Back when grandaddy died, that was a cold December
They closed his casket while my m*********** hope was in it
Soon as you come out the womb they hanging rope for n*****
Groomed for the stone and the tomb, going for broke and s***
We've been that, push s*** back, the Devil coaching n*****
Telling 'em to shoot, like a t**le on the line
When it's judgment time I doubt that God can look me in my eyes
'Fore He send me down to Hell cause I'mma ask a n**** Why?
Never played it by the book because the Book was full of lies
And the preacher full of s***, and the teacher full of s***
Used to boo me from the bleachers that I'm never gon' forget
Eating $5 Little Caesar's pizzas on the WIC
Cause my daddy left my momma for the m************ pen

But when it come down to it, know I'm out here shooting
Cause it's all a n**** got
Yeah that's all a n**** got
When it come down to it know the basehead use it
Cause it's all a n**** got
Yeah that's all a n**** got
Find me posted on the block, cause it's all a n**** got
Couple hundred in the knot, cause it's all a n**** got
Still running from the cops
Cause it's all a n**** got [x2]
Cause that's all a n**** got
Our Father who art in heaven
Seen my momma dying every day since grade 11
You see her age is catching up to all them years of stressing
Tears is falling and her son too far away to catch 'em
Hard to call and when she call she gotta leave a message
Cause a n**** working
And I'm working so she worry free, guess I defeat the purpose
Medication cost a arm and leg, hardly even worth it
Doctor tripping so it got a n**** feeling John Q, wild
Round sitting in the gun, duck duck goose style
Pressure building up, n****, what you gonna do now?
Brother kid too now, 12 years in the pen
Seen life end 'fore this s*** begin
Sing it then

One for the f****** money
Two for the f****** show
.357 on me, loaded ready to go
I know my b****** love me
Know my enemies don't
My momma know I'm shady
I'm granny b****** baby
Look in the mirror like this is what you made me
I'm going crazy please somebody save me
Jesus way too far gone for him to reach me
To reach me
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