Progressive 3 Lyrics

Yeah, back and blacker than ever
Got sick of waiting for these actors to get it together
Still in them gutters, all my brothers is birds of a feather
Tried to get this money cause my people done struggled forever
Son of my father, gunning for stardom, it's worth a shot
They hate me like I'm f****** their mama, that's why I serve 'em hot
Shells they burning, as long as hell is burning I'll murder God
If he was trying to f*** up my paper, n****, that's all I got
The black and brown been going through a holocaust
You see Obama just a house n**** to me
They locked the children up in prison and they ditching the key
It's empty plates in this estate so shorty s*** where he eat
He got a clip, he got a K, he 'bout to light up the street
They catch him slipping, now they trip him knock him right off his feet
His mama crying on the news like "that boy was so smart
Wish he never start chilling with them n***** at the park"
Been swimming with the sharks since the kiddy pool
Breaking all the written rules
Breaking the tradition of that inner-city raising fools
A raisin in the sun
They let the monkey out the cage, he got a gun
He got a book, he got a brain, you better run
Was the one that they shun
Baptized in the tears of the slaves as a young
A penny saved is a penny earned
So I'll be stacking up this copper as the city burn
Cold chain, n****
Yeah, just sit and look at where they raised us at
Seen black, same crack, so they gave us that
Give us hope then take us back
To the 1800's with these rap contracts
And they wonder why n***** get shot, c**e sit in the pot
He can't get no job so he hitting the block
And if that n**** getting money while them n***** sitting hungry
Ten times out of ten bet them n***** gon' plot
We just struggle with survival trying to rise to the top
When your life is on the line f*** what's right and what's not
You got a right to the dream, whether it's triple beam or Martin Luther's
My chain heavy, is you ready for that revolution?
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