Locked & Loaded Lyrics

I never needed nobody to believe in
I seen 'em change like the seasons
R.I.P., you just a candle on the cement
Once you leave so I've been trying to live forever, dawg
I got a .25 Beretta in my mama car
Same one my brother use, same one my father bought
Everybody telling when they go to court
I'm feeling like they don't make n***** like me no more
I still got slaves hanging from my family tree
The young still g*******ing like we WC
And Mac 10, Mac 10's sit up under the fleece
Because the powers that be just ain't f****** with me
Since back when there was white men under them sheets
Riding horseback, walking on the backs of the free
You see we in it to survive, what the f*** did you think?
At the blink of an eye n***** could die in these streets

My life a movie, hope you liking the show
They act, we shooting, just a part of the role
The road to riches wasn't made for n***** this low
I pray for blessings, grab my weapon when I walk out the do'
Lock and load and I'm ready to go
Lock and load and I'm ready to go
Lock and load and I'm ready to go
When I'm ready to go, when I'm ready to go
Hey, tell these n***** let the black man shine
This little light of mine, a nine I hide inside of my drawers
Ain't nothing ancient, mama, ey lil mama, ey don't start
I only pray when asking Allah how we made it this far
But still I'm all about the dollar, pass the offering jar
The thoughts of n***** on the bottom what I offer to y'all
We from the slaveship, all my n***** ride for the cause
We on the same s***, tryna survive all the loss
Because they ain't s***, won't take s*** but the charge
Because we can't snitch, know you n***** heard it before
A child was murdered before, he had a chance to mature
And bet the one they didn't ever see outside of the bars
We the pride of Raymond Washington, they washing us off
Them baggy True's fit just like them county blues
Mac 10 match well with my black skin
Little black boy shooting up the avenue
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