Feelin' the Love Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I wake up tryin' to dodge the cops just like my momma did
Came home from school soon as I seen she was up out the crib
Criminal Minded, mind your business if you wanna live
Them n***** fiendin' for them luxuries they'll never get
I took a couple, it was numb for me and hit a lick
If she can't help me get up out the struggle, why I need the b****?
I need a million dollars for starters, been sick of sleepin' on the couch
In this crowded apartment, them streets been in a f*****' drought
I don't see the narcotics, it ain't no books up in this backpack
I brought the revolver, I'm asking n***** where they cash at
Tappin' they pockets
That pocket rocket make a backpacker as soon as you blockin'
You know the block is hot
Wayne tried to tell them, one case away from felon
Granny told me stay inside the house, a n**** should've listened
Been punchin' out their faces with the hands that I pray with
Money trees blowin' in the wind, I'm feeling the fragrance
Is you feeling amazing? Yeah I'm feeling the love
Hope I get to take it with me when my living is done
Pray to God that he forgive me for the sinning I've done
And I hear you cheering for me when my victory come
Yeah I'm feeling the love (8x)

[Verse 2]
2006 I said I had to get my money right
s*** I refuse to hear my stomach growl another night
Might put that burner right up in your mouth and free your mind
Then run your pockets, I ain't stoppin' 'til my kids is fine
College was a plan of mine until I seen them fees
Everything I ever needed, I done learned out on them streets
Only price was loss of sleepin', homies plottin' so I keep it on me
Closely play this game for keeps, I take the shot, you be the goalie
Goals I gotta reach, but this girl up in my sheets asleep
Mom up on her way to work, if she say bye before she leave
Then this my last day on this earth, I'm way too young for plantin' seeds
Is what she used to tell me, s***, but when I ever listen?
Played a lot of roles in life but never played the victim
Never paid a toll for stripes, I earned them on them lonely nights
Mac rounds tear the house down like a poltergeist
Life is what you make it, just depend on how you roll the dice
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