65 Hunnid Lyrics

Birds and the bees, come and f*** with a G
Hot as 65 hunnid degrees (65 hunnid degrees)
Hard on a ho, drop your drawers to the floor
Gangsta guy, baby get on your knees (Baby girl get on your knees)
65 hunnid degrees (Block been hot 'bout)
65 hunnid degrees (Block been hot 'bout)
65 hunnid degrees (Block been hot 'bout)
65 hunnid degrees (65 hunnid)

[Verse 1]
Runnin' to get to that check, I'm comin'
Jumpin' out of that back seat bustin'
Buss buss missions with the blower as a youngin'
Back when Killa Mo
Had 'em coppin' Crystal through the prison door
Feel the 4, when I'm feelin' low
Time to stretch a n****
Ridin' through your section
s***, I hope you got protection with you
Hop out when the cops out
s***, I'm cold with my .45, brown rag, green light
Yoda time

[Verse 2]
You alone
Car full of n***** but you alone
It's time to show how much you love your homies
One n**** outside, two n***** up inside the store
One n**** gon' die, the other two can come along
Gloves with the disguise, bang the set before you blow
Don't stop 'til he drop
Don't shoot for the skies or shoot for his soles
I told you before
That n***** gotta die for this s*** to survive
Is you with it or not? Get to knockin' then
Problem is lot of n***** scared of the consequence
Common sense missin' from your head when the pressure on
n***** from my home ain't enrolled in the colleges
f*** a class, junkies hittin' glass
Get the money long
Gleamin' with the tints and the stash, no tags
b**pin' poison on the ave
Gettin' cash until a n****'s gone
And ain't s*** wrong with the truth, got the Juice
Would've threw that n**** Bishop off the roof
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