45 Lyrics

[Produced by No I.D.]

All the time, all the time, all time
All the time, all the time, all time
Aight, you ready?
[Verse 1]
What do you believe in? Die to have respect
I believe that the world got black neglect
Living broke, liquor stores where we cashing checks
Flipping dope, pimping hoes just to make ends meet
County blues, counting days till you get set free
Broke the rules so they shoot now we R.I.P
Live and learn what you earn when you cross them streets
Caught a case cause he wouldn't catch a fade
Living pedal to the metal cause he couldn't catch a break
Couldn't see the stakes, couldn't see the trouble come his way
I'm still waiting for the day that we black and we proud
Till then we'll be shooting n***** down to the ground
Sing it loud
[Hook] x2
All the time, all the time, all time (all the time)
All the time, all the time, all time, boy
45 sitting side when I ride
If I ride for it, then I'll die for it

[Verse 2]
f*** the world s*** lately, black 380
Ready for wherever God gon' take me
On my momma I been out here since a young n****
World tours and prison letters in my bunk, s*** this life ain't yours
See, we fighting a chore rather, kill a n**** quick
f*** the other side, show them n***** that you with the s***
f****** homicide, let 'em see my a** upstate
Now they love to see me rattle sitting in that cage
Cause when some drugs get in the battle bet you lose all faith
I was born with a heart that the streets can't break
Never poured one shot, never rolled one J
Cause I don't need that shawty, point me to that bank
I ain't never had no money, n****
Young and b**my so I had to be the funny n****
Got a gun, started wilding like a dummy, n****
I don't care about no murder just another n****
Pull the f****** trigger
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