Vince Gill Lyrics

Down to My Last Bad Habit
  1. Reasons for the Tears I Cry
  2. Down to My Last Bad Habit
  3. Me and My Girl
  4. Like My Daddy Did
  5. Make You Feel Real Good
  6. I Can't Do This
  7. My Favorite Movie
  8. One More Mistake I Made
  9. Take Me Down
  10. I'll Be Waiting for You
  11. When It's Love
  12. Sad One Comin' On (A Song for George Jones)
Guitar Slinger
  1. Guitar Slinger
  2. Tell Me Fool
  3. Threaten Me With Heaven
  4. When the Lady Sings the Blues
  5. Who Woulden't Fall in Love With You
  6. When Lonely Comes Around
  7. True Love
  8. Bread and Water
  9. Billy Paul
  10. The Old Lucky Diamond Hotel
  11. If I Die