Subject Zero Lyrics

Frozen in Stasis,
Time Is of No Concern
Awaiting and Plotting Revenge,
Against All I Know
My Body Is Painted in Colors
the Way That I Dreamed of
We Will All Wait for That Moment,
That Moment We Open Our Eyes
Open the Pathways,
Shaping How We Will Rise
Something Silent and Empty
Something Quiet and Cold
This World Will Be Dead
When I'm Done
Encounter a New Breed,
Evolutions Demand
This Is When We React,
When We Strive for Pure Life
Through the Eyes of a Child
A Hate Filled World
We Live for Destruction Left
to Fend for Ourselves

I Won't Let You Fall (I Won't Let You Fall)
I Won't Let You Fall (I Won't Let You Fall)
Every Door That You Open
Means Another One Closed
This Is One Rule I Will Change,
This Is One Thing I Know

My Decisions Will Mold Me,
Take Grip of Who I Am
So Many Dreams Shot Down,
So Many Ideas Burned.
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