Mainstreet U.S.A. Lyrics

Down in Chicago there's a corner where the winds blow
The gang is out on the street singing do-whop with the beat
Lakeside or southside your body likes to be taken for a ride
Who needs 9 to 5 they've got a hustle all night just to survive
Down in Chicago where the winds blow
Draggin down Mainstreet
Keepin' up with the night beat
Out on the Mainstreet USA
It's the American heartbeat
And living life is so sweet
Out on Mainstreet USA

Out in Manhattan there are ladies dressed in furs and satin
Come from all over the world just to see the sights and lights
Down in Kansas City all the women are so pretty
They learn to stay at home that's where the happiness is growin'
From New York City way down to St louie

And the rockers in Detroit keep on rockin
The walkers in Milwakee keep on walkin
The politicians in DC keep on talkin
And Cleveland never fades away
Oh - o - oh
On Mainstreet USA
Oh - o - oh
On Mainstreet USA
And the Oilers down in Texas get richer
The cowboys out in Hollywood get hipper
The politicians try to move a little quicker
And Seattle soaks up all the rain
Oh - o - oh
On Mainstreet USA
Oh - o - oh
On Mainstreet USA

-added by baletandesu, long live to UNION!!!!
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