Live at Tramps (July 11, '97) Lyrics

{Moe Love cuts in the background}
[C.Gee] Yo, yo gimme some of that, gimme some of that
That.. relax, relax.. relax
[Keith] This is Dr. Octagon with lyrics
Funkmaster style quick, unique, with the hype s***
[C.Gee] Come on, bring him up, come on
[Keith] The dope s***, the funny s***, the unique s***
[C.Gee] Uhh!
[Keith] I get swift with the hype, the lyrical

[Kool Keith]
Supersonic hyper doper switch when I come with
lyrical I swing with, non-stop, heads bop
n***** drop, to the floor, the scene I get mean
Lyrical dream -- with the brother in the backseat
when I come with the bad beat
Smack unique s***, when I come legit black hit
One two, fast or slow, check as I go
Sing-Sing, swing-swing, on the go-go tip
Lyrics {scratch} like, when I crush you
rush you, lyrics I come, they bust through
The man in the backseat switchin
Check out as I lyrical dish em, switchin up and down
Hyper type of, funky s***, unique sweet
Complete the unique, style, lyrically the baddest
but not like Gladys Knight and the Pips
Unique sweet, comin down
walkin down your m*********** street, with heat
Yes non-stopper, I rocka
chick-check one-two, lyrical I step through
lyrical piles and polygons
That's the psygon, unique, SUPERIOR delivery
(that's right, that's right)
Exquisite expansion range
Top notch, when I come like, Mayor Ed Koch
You be walkin through sayin
yes to the man right there
I'm talkin to, you (Doctor Ock)
One two, bring the whole m*********** groove (Doctor Ock)
and let's do the do, one two (Doctor Ock)
Check in, went it with the s***, non-stop legit
Lyve it up, live it up
Yo, m************ throw your hands up
and give it up, when I say
this is the way, we sway unique
Turntables, J.C. play, one-two, time is up
"Dr. Octagon" one two, the rhyme is up
"Dr. Octagon" non-stop, cut em
Check as I, smack the n**** "Dr. Octagon"
with the black heat, yo, check
[C.Gee] Put your m*********** hands up come on
[Keith] Robot, robotic lyrics
Check out the man "Dr. Octagon"
Yo.. signin off y'all "Dr. Octagon"
[C.Gee] Doc Ock, that's right, Doc Ock
Doc Ock, Doc Ock
It's Doc Ock, it's Doc Ock
[Keith] Yeah, Sir Menelik around
[Dr. Octagon]
Dr. Octagon, come to the office, come now
(uh-oh) Oh f***! (UH-OH!) YEAH!
Patient just died in room one-oh-five
Why don't y'all say BLUE FLOWERS!!
Cirroshis of the eye
[Gee] We got the m*********** Doctor in the house
Nurse come in please, where are you?
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