Unhallowed Ascension Lyrics

Blackspawn invade the poisoned skies
I the master, enthroned by immortal right
Blood of crestfallen angels spills from the heavens
Your lord falls unto Hell
Laws of nature forged in perpetual fire
It's flames drowning the souls raped by the father of inanity
Abysmal tongues blaspheme the stigma of the dead hand
Condemning who drink the blood that drips from the crucifix of Golgotha
Abysmal tongues bless the standard of the strong
And command the bearer from the text divine
Faces of the justly d***ed is all I see
Screams of mortal anguish is all I hear

Purge the anointed
Execute insipid breeds

Greatness - supreme aim and value
Progress - achieve preservation of pure blood
Right is what benefits I
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