Freeway Lyrics

Out on the freeway
I saw you wasted
Nobody wants you to fall
Except for me
(Dental plan, marriages, lots of babies, dentogen)
Except for me
(Press hot s**, f*** more and love less)
Call me up daily
Just to remind me
Nobody wants you at all
Except for me
(Charity, charity, everybody look at me)
Except for me
(Wanna be so alike, I'm finishing finishing finishing finishing)
You're so important that you stay untouched
You start to cry and when we go Pink Dutch
You've always wondered why I don't say much
Well let's see, how well you walk without a crutch
(One two, one, two, one two three four)
I really hate you
Still trying to shake you
Nobody's going to call
Except for me
(No, it's not logical, it's biological)
Except for me
(And if you're willing, it's us I'm killing)
Got a new girlfriend
Is she a godsend
Or is she just methadone?
I'll wait and see
(They say it's darkest just before the crowded light)
If I stay clean
(You gotta f*** somebody over 'fore you get it right)
You're seeing someone now for what that's worth
He's got your love and so they'll have your curse
Freeway of love in a check black hearse
And I really can not think of what that's worth
And I really can not think of what would be worse
Can I think of one more verse....
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