Three's a Crowd Lyrics

Inside this suitcase full of dreams
There are broken hearts and memories
A faded photograph of us
Is all that I have kept
Well you know it's not like me to cling
So I'll walk away from everything
Cause I don't really want to fight
Say something I'll regret
But I think you know that I love you still
I always have and always will

One heart is a lonely place
While you've been loving someone else
One heart is an island baby
Don't you think that i could tell
Two hearts would be perfect
But you know it's not a perfect world
There's only one thing left to say
That you should know by now
Three's a crowd
So tell me something I don't know
Like you, you don't ever want to let me go
I heard he looks a lot like me
So will you promise him
That you will love him faithfully
You won't do to him what you did to me

How can you say that you are telling me the truth 'cause
Baby only fools believe
When there's so much to lose
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