Three Times in Love Lyrics

She was all of a lady
And you were all of sixteen
You were king of the mountain
And she was your queen
You played in the sunshine
You danced in the rain
And it was so easy
Lyrics courtesy Top40db.
Love was a game, but everybody's...


Three times in love
Two times ain't enough
Only one shines above
Everybodys three times in love
Lovers get older
And summer goes away
You know that it was over
So ya look the other way, yeah
Suddenly before you, your second time around
Ah, you're older and wiser
And you're coverin a lot of ground, but everybody's...

Over and over and over again

So now that you're ready
She comes along
Your ways are steady and your
Your feelings are strong
She is only a lady, as
You are ever a man
You both been waitin' to find each other
Now you understand why everybody's...
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