Just Another Onionhead / Dada Dali Lyrics

"Just Another Onionhead"
The blessing of the turtles, the eggs lay on the lawn
Paint a pretty picture for me to sit upon
The calling of the rabbit, the falling of the hare
The hat man then begins to play, a song is everywhere
You want the obvious
You'll get the obvious
Tell them groucho said, you're just another onionhead

Another virgin mary, another case is shut
Have another helping, prime cut of babys b***
A sip of holy water, a shot of saving grace
Another western mystic, the words pore out my face
You want the obvious
You'll get the obvious
I'll shave my skull instead, be just another onionhead

"Dada Dali"
Dada dali goodbye, dada dali don't sigh
Your soft alarm clocks quake me
So boil your beans and meet me at perignon station
Crutch me dali again, lobster telephone friend
Stay in your seat, watch what you eat
If you don't get a dead mule then you'll know I'm in heat
Dada dali hello, dada dali you're just another onionhead
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