You Know What Lyrics

I'm gonna just close my eyes and say the first thing that comes to head

[Verse 1: Tinie Tempah]
Life is just a blur, just how I prefer
She be on her knees, but she ain't in Church
England's favourite rapper, f*** how much I'm worth
Them n***** asking if I'm rich though? duhhh!
Oh my f****** word, British connoisseur
Ask them boy from Coldplay
Ask them boy from Blur
Man I didn't buy the Aston
Cause when I speed it's off
We celebrating every night like it's December 31st
You fools are stuck in April
Wake up in a telly
Told my cleaner she should run a f****** hoover on the table
Me, Akon and Usher, 20 thousand in the Staple, uh
Roger, I'm a MVP up in that label
Man Jalouse or Whiskey Mist

I'm f****** high gettin' p***** as s***
n**** all my flights are business class
All my trips is business trips
Do it all or don't do nothing
A hundred thousand pound or more in every discussion

Told you I'm a blow, n***** get ya dough up
You pay them to get in, I get paid to show up
You know what? You know what?
You know what? You know what?
That s*** from Cali make me slow up
Rose make me throw up
How these 30 year old b****** tellin' me that I should grow up?
You know what? You know what?
You know what? You know what?
[Verse 2: Tinie Tempah]
Platinum disk money, d*** you the s*** money
I'm tryna get that Will, Jada and Willow Smith money
In 3 days I've been in 6 countries
I hustle hard, day and night, Kid Cudi
She say before she go and f*** she wanna sniff somethin'
I got these b****** on trial like I'm witch huntin'
You take 'em out, you let her pick something
While my yard chick cook me curry goat and big dumpling
I pull out a thousand ones and tell her strip something
I bet she let's me f*** her even if she with someone
Back it up, back it up
Baby back it up, that shawty bootyy crazy spectacular
Like she from Africa
Call my money jail, cause of the way I stack it up
Money up on money, racks on racks and such
Plus I got me some sneaking b****** in and out the back of clubs
Said I live a very wild life, David Attenborough
n**** I told you that I'm a blow up

[Verse 3: Tinie Tempah]
I'm on that Henny and Patron n**** tough kidneys
You ain't got enough stamina to f*** with me
f*** you, f*** you, n**** I talk money
B-b-b-buck tooth
My mouths potty like I don't know what a censor is
They don't let you in this club without a membership
Donald Trump profit, take an apprenticeship
n**** this is mad, Ricky crazy, dope expensive s***

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