Hood Economics Lyrics

Im getting sick of making love tunes to make love to, so I'm gona do this one more tune and send it out to the thugs to,

Yeah! Haha Tinie Tempah, Ha, Oi flukes your a genius for this one. Ha Ha
Hoood Economics Room 147, Welcome to my classroom. Tuck your chairs in, sit up straight, no talking please!

See me I try and stay focused, cos ive noticed, im no longer a novice made them know this, im hoping for the ferrari and the lotus. Im gona stack my bread like hovis find an RnB chick like Hovis, Im finally on my feet and i feel comfortable just like loafers
It was months ago deep in the estates of London I arose and now designers keep on begging D to clothe us. Your busy doing raves im doing concerts, im in Asia chewing lobster; these clothes have got me looking like im sponsored. Im constant, your nonsence Im respected like the john, from wembley to wisconsin T I've got them listeners locked in. I want them glistening watches, girls want me as their husbands, there clocking! But i aint really got no time to watch em. cos
Im on the grind from 9-5 [HOOD] from 5-9
from 9-3 from [EEEEEE] 3-6. I literally [CO]leak the hits
I literally [NOMICS] leak the hits.
From march to may and may [ROOM] to june
may june july i make the [1] tunes, I aint gona [4]
wait for soon right now is my day to bloom!
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