Loverly Spring Lyrics

b** b***ery, flit fluttery
Dum diddly-ooh
b** b***ery, bluebird
Is singing a tune.
Daffy-down-dillies awaken
And prune
Bursting in bloom
All the flowers a**ume
It's a loverly, loverly spring.

Chit-chattery chipmunks
All singing along,
Humming their
Join-in-a-spring-along song.

Spring is the springiest time
For a song
It's a loverly, loverly spring.
In the forest we play
With the rabbits all day

We visit the birds and fishes.

There's nary a care when there's spring in the air.
The feeling is just too delicious.

b** b***ercups all in a row.

Trilling and frilling and stealing the show.

May is the merriest month that I know.

It's a loverly, loverly, la la, loverly,

La la la loverly spring.

This is taken from the end credits, one day when I was bored.
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