Advice for Young Mothers Lyrics

She found the world embedded in the snow
Too bad the rest have made it all their own
There's got to be a better way somehow that I don't know
Wish I could find the words and heal my baby
She made a crib of blankets from the floor
Painted the bluest colour on the walls
I don't want to know the time, I don't care about that at all
Nobody knows the way to heaven, baby

This can't go on
Your advice for young mothers to be
Will never find the words
Darling, believe me
So here it is - your heart's out in the cold
The friends you kept still call you on the phone
The Vicar said it's wrong, but hey - what does he know?
He said it's wrong that the Lord forgave me

Well, I don't want your pity and your scorn
Boy, why are you preaching?
No one's listening anymore
That life of yours sickens me directly to my maternal core
No man alive has earned the right to save me

Now here I am - I'm pushing 24
I've got a house and a little terrace on the lawn
My baby's grown
And I'm as happy as a fawn
Now only the beauty of the world delays me
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