Haunted House Lyrics

we walked this road
twice a day for ten years
but it was just last night when we noticed something strange
three stories tall, two hundred years old
a light in the attic and nothing more
shivers slithered sideways
on our spines
so we all raced home, got under our covers
everything was fine
but next day at 6 pm i received a phone call
and so long
hey do you remember that old house?
how could i forget
well i wanna go back there
okay one condition, we leave tomorrow we head out early in the morning
no, we must go tonight, at midnight

I sighed and hung up the phone
Id never been inside a haunted home
I met the gang right outside the old house
allright whos go first?
was the rallying cry
ill go last
was the resounding reply
*knock knock knock*
well theres nobody home and the front doors locked
but look an open window
uh oh
and the next thing i know we had all crawled into cobwebs darkness and indoor winds
but there's nothing here, no
as i motioned, i realized, there's nothing here
as i motioned to leave something tugged at my sleeve
so i turned around
everyone was gone
im all alone in this awful home...
All alone in a haunted home
I feel the drip drip drip from the marrow of the bone
ghouls lack soul and they're white as ghosts
but the dead can dance more alive than most, and
they twist their head from their shoulders
and shimmy, when it's over.
not alone on a haunted home
I'm a packed in fool with jiggly bones
and then pretty ghoul asked me to dance
should I have escaped and missed my chance
but I said yes and it was nice
I held her close
we're not alone
We're all alone in a haunted home..
I hear the drip drip drip drip...
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