The Supremes Lyrics

There's a Place for Us
  1. Rock-A-Bye Your Baby With a Dixie Melody
  2. Fancy Passes
  3. The Boy From Ipanema
  4. Put on a Happy Face
  5. Our Day Will Come
  6. You're Nobody Till Somebody Loves You
  7. Somewhere
  8. Something for My Heart
  9. Make Someone Happy
  10. Little Miss Loser
  11. Sleepwalk
  12. Big City Babies Don't Cry
  13. People
  14. I Am Woman, You Are Man
  15. Around the World in 80 Days
  16. Sincerely
  17. Mister Sandman
  18. All of a Sudden My Heart Sings
  19. If I Ruled the World
  20. Strangers in the Night
  21. The Sound of Music
  22. Tender Is the Night
  23. What Now My Love
  24. Who Can I Turn To
  25. The Shadow of Your Smile
  26. Fancy Passes (version 2)
High Energy
  1. High Energy
  2. I'm Gonna Let My Heart Do the Walking
  3. Only You (Can Love Me Like You Love Me)
  4. You Keep Me Moving On
  5. Don't Let My Teardrops Bother You
  6. Till the Boat Sails Away / I Don't Want to Lose You
  7. You're What's Missing in My Life
Mary, Scherrie & Susaye
  1. You're My Driving Wheel
  2. Sweet Dream Machine
  3. Let Yourself Go
  4. Come Into My Life
  5. We Should Be Closer Together
  6. I Don't Want to Be Tied Down
  7. You Are the Heart of Me
  8. Love I Never Knew You Could Feel So Good
The Supremes
  1. He's My Man
  2. Early Morning Love
  3. Where Is It I Belong
  4. It's All Been Said Before
  5. This Is Why I Believe in You
  6. You Can't Stop a Girl in Love
  7. Color My World Blue
  8. Give Out, but Don't Give Up
  9. Where Do I Go From Here
  10. You Turn Me Around
Produced & Arranged by Jimmy Webb
  1. I Guess I'll Miss the Man
  2. 5:30 Plane
  3. Tossin' and Turnin'
  4. When Can Brown Begin
  5. Beyond Myself
  6. Il voce de silenzio (Silent Voices)
  7. All I Want
  8. Once in the Morning
  9. I Keep It Hid
  10. Paradise
  11. Cheap Lovin'
Floy Joy
  1. Your Wonderful, Sweet Sweet Love
  2. Floy Joy
  3. A Heart Like Mine
  4. Over and Over
  5. Precious Little Things
  6. Now the Bitter, Now the Sweet
  7. Automatically Sunshine
  8. The Wisdom of Time
  9. Oh Be My Love
  1. This Is the Story
  2. Nathan Jones
  3. Here Comes the Sunrise
  4. Love It Came to Me This Time
  5. Johnny Raven
  6. Have I Lost You
  7. Time and Love
  8. Touch
  9. It's So Hard for Me to Say Goodbye
Right On
  1. Up the Ladder to the Roof
  2. Then We Can Try Again
  3. Everybody's Got the Right to Love
  4. Wait a Minute Before You Leave Me
  5. You Move Me
  6. But I Love You More
  7. I Got Hurt (Trying to Be the Only Girl in Your Life)
  8. Baby Baby
  9. Take a Closer Look at Me
  10. Then I Met You
  11. Bill, When Are You Coming Back
  12. The Loving Country