Chariot Lyrics

A father kneels and starts to pray (whoa)
For the son that he can't save (Oh no)
He would do anything to take his place
But you know sometimes it's hard to understand mysterious ways (whoa)
So the chariot took him home
Now he's running through the streets of gold
He is swimming on the crystal seas
Can't you see? He will wait there for you and me.

A mother kneels and starts to weep (whoa)
For the children she won't see (oh no)
And she worked every single day of the week to care for her young
But on that hospital bed she waits to die alone
So the chariot takes her home
She is welcomed in the arms of love
And she is seeing all the beautiful things she dreamed of
And she is waiting to greet all of us

Don't wait too long
Don't wait too long
Today could go wrong
Don't wait too long to know...
Will the chariot take you home?
Are we running down the streets of gold?
Are we singing by the crystal seas
You and me? The gift of love has set you free.
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