The New Colony Six Lyrics

  1. I Will Always Think About You
  2. Dandy Handy Man
  3. Girl Unsigned
  4. Treat Her Groovy
  5. Summertime's Another Name for Love
  6. Just Feel Worse
  7. Can't You See Me Cry?
  8. We Will Love Again
  9. Things I'd Like to Say
  10. Hold Me With Your Eyes
  11. You Know Better
  1. I Confess
  2. A Heart Is Made of Many Things
  3. Don't You Think It's Time You Stopped Your Cryin'
  4. Last Nite
  5. I and You
  6. At the River's Edge
  7. I Lie Awake
  8. Dawn Is Breaking
  9. The Time of the Year Is Sunset
  10. Mister You're a Better Man Than I
  11. Some People Think I'm a Playboy
  12. Sloopy