The Ceiling in My Room (Mono remix) Lyrics

I'm a millionaire
Without a care in the world,
I have played the game,
I've made the grade, I've shown them all.
I'm a teenage idol just starting a tune,
No, it's just the ceiling in my room.
I have got more friends
Than I've ever had before,
But, are all these friends
Like the ones I knew before?
Hey, look, there's my old schoolmates there at my back door,
No, it's just the ceiling in my room.
If I could only be part
Of the things that I see,
I'd trade all the wealth and fame
You've given to me,
Oh, I want to be free.
But, no matter what
My future may bring,
I always will remember
Just one simple thing.
That when all my visions contain only gloom,
I know it's just the ceiling in my room, my room, my room.
La-da-ta, la-da-ta, da-da-da-da-da-ta-ta
La-da-da, la-da-da, da-da-daah.
fade out...
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