(I've Got) Sweets Lyrics

Well I got sweets
and I got dreams
i got gold winged sandals
and theyre just flying off my feet
With that ghost ship towing down
these wide open streets
oh lord, I need my sweets

Well I ain't got no big fancy house
ain't got no fancy car
I don't take my holidays in Polynesia
but everywhere I ever go
and everyone i meet,
oh lord, i need my sweets

well, i know some cats
and i know some rats,
and i know rude boys,
i know scallywags,
i know aristocrats (Dochers!)
but everywhere i ever go
and everyone i meet
oh lord, i need my sweets
some people they go up
and others they go down
some people they go sideways
i wanna see them spin it all the way round.
one thing that i know
is that when im in this town,
oh lord, i need my sweets
On drums - Mr Rowntrees!
On bass - Mr Lombard!
On rhythm - the pigman...

well, i know a girl,
she's out of this world
i don't have to buy her no diamonds or no pearls
and i'll never have to lie to her or cheat
coz she brings me my sweets
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