Minstrel and Queen Lyrics

Queen majesty, may I speak with thee,
So much I"ve longed , I"ve longed to speak to you alone,
True I agree, I"m not of your society,
I"m not a king just a minstrel,
With my song to you I sing,
Though just a minstrel in life we"re so far apart,
But royal queen I see love in your heart, your heart
I love you too, your majesty.......hmmmmm,
Isn"t this really true,
These things I ask of you...hmmmm,
Oh,oh majesty would you really care for me,
As long as you love me,
And it wont be so hard,
As long as I see love in your heart, (your heart),
I love you too, (honest I do),
Hmmmm..(your majesty), hmmmm..(your majesty)
Ohh I love you too, (your majesty)
Hmmmm queen majesty...
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