Texas Lyrics

The Greatest Hits
  1. I Don't Want a Lover
  2. In Demand
  3. Say What You Want
  4. Summer Son
  5. Inner Smile
  6. So in Love With You
  7. Black Eyed Boy
  8. So Called Friend
  9. Everyday Now
  10. In Our Lifetime
  11. Halo
  12. Guitar Song
  13. Prayer for You
  14. When We Are Together
  15. Put Your Arms Around Me
  16. Say What You Want (All Day Every Day)
  17. Say What You Want (Rae & Christian mix)
  18. Summer Son (Giorgio Moroder mix)
  19. Black Eyed Boy (Tralermen Black Eyed Disco mix)
  20. In Our Lifetime (Jules' Disco Trip mix)
  21. In Demand (Sunship mix)
  22. Put Your Arms Around Me (Weatherall's Electric for Bird mix)
  23. Halo (video)
  24. In Demand (video)