I Did It My Way Lyrics

Look at me do you see
All the things you could be if you see
Many more usually suddenly
They are claiming you are up against the wall
Fade away nevermore ultimate alter path many cars speeding up
No police anarchist maybe better cos you wanna say
And it's OK
I don't wanna do the things you say
I don't wanna play the game you play
I just wanna make the best of what I can believe to be
I don't wanna fight it that's okay
If I really find some last gate
I just wanna walk the road I paved with myself
I did it my way
If you say you could pay but you can't pay enough
Vanished luck for a guy like you are with your chains
You just think that you can buy your way to hell
What I say I will say but you don't care about anyway
Hemingway library misery
Cos you wanna rule the game yourself
But it's OK
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