Again (radio edit) Lyrics

Question...Have you ever had one of those days where nothing
seems to go right?
I mean u wake up in the morning at what u think is the crack
Of dawn...only 2 realize that your alarm clock didn't go off 4
The 3rd time this week...
And now you are 2 hours late 2 work..and u say 2 yourself...
Here we go again
So u jump out of bed, brush your teeth,skip breakfast, run
Down the stairs...only 2 discover that u park in the tow away
Zone, which, had u been up on time, wouldn't have been a
Problem...but u weren't up on time were u? which means they
Took your car...and now u have 2 go 2 the impound yard and
Pay that astronomical fine just 2 get it back...and u think
Here we go again
Of course now u are 3 hours late 2 work, and when u finally
Get there, your boss just looks at u and says
There you go again
Don't even bother 2 explain, he says, cuz I don't wanna hear it
Just get..your s***..and go!
Man u cant catch a break..like me..it's like..
I'm up in the club on a Saturday night, just kickin it with my
Boys u know...chillin..having a good time....the dj throws on
My favourite song..im dancing with this s**y-a** honey...
And in walks my girlfriend.
She takes one look at the situation, comes directly up 2 me and
Proceeds 2 trip..aw man
Here we go again!

We go up, down, turn around
Baby here we go again
We go left, right, and do it all night
Baby here we go again

When I'm out in the clubs and I'm lookin fine
And I hear the same old tired lines
I think
Here we go again
U spent all night buying up the bar
And they just turned down your credit car
Uh oh!

So why is it that everytime u get into a little disagreement with
Your girl about what just happened..
She has 2 bring up 25 things that happened 2 years ago
And addit up into one Big problem that u didn't even know
Here we go again
Her: U see that? That's just what I am talking about! Uh huh,
That's right
There you go again
U don't even realize what u did, do you? U men are all alike,
Just got one thing on your mind., don't even pay attention 2
What's really important, like my feelings...
I swear 2 God, I don't even know why I put up with u
Let's try this again

So I loan my girl my car...
My brand new, drop top, two seater, black bmw z4 with
Leather interior and the boomin system..
I just got it back from the body shop after some fool backed
Into me at a traffic light...
Man, my insurance is already through the roof
And wouldn't u know it..whe gets broadsided by an old lady
In a busted a** old buick
Here we go again

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