Infamous Minded Lyrics

* remake of Boogie Down Productions "Criminal Minded"

Yeah old school part one feel it
The realest, Who be the realest
Them n***** stay
Infamous minded
U've been blinded
Cut on your face
f****** with these mobb giants
They are the victims
We be the victors
Sometime a n**** gotta step up
And bring war, Spray ks
And go out in a blaze
Young guns learn to duck
So they wont catch strays
Wont shoot to be frontin'
Or to waste shots for nothin
If I'm pulling out my torch
Im gonn hit somethin', Whatever
Slugs through your avirex leather
I close one lid
So I could aim a little better
I stop firing
And de-c*** the hammer
You need triads
I need to get up outta here
Dont really think It's cool to let another man
"Let me buck that n**** son"
I hold my own cannon and shoot just as fast
Move with select few
Dont f*** with lil dude
Or little pistols
Strictly the big Ru's
Cause deuce-deuce its only good for hiding
I need big firepower when I'm riding
52 shot clips
You pop lips, Silence
And i dont stop dumping till i hear sirens
I'm not a boyz n the hood addict
Menace fanatic
I live the street life for real
So i can brag it
Pop gave me gun lesson back when i was a kid
Now i fire more arms than he ever did
Thats why
I keep things in proper prospective
And every album point y'all n***** in the right direction
There's no protection, when I'm on the mike
You couldn't fold me
If you trained all your life
You's a chump, I'm a champ
You broke, I'm top dollar
n***** gotta whole lotta mouth
Thats no problem
Fake thugs lay down
Real killers dont yell it
Bring it don't sing it n****
Use intelligence
Its evident you not, murder material
When you all alone, you pose guns in the mirror yo
c****y, Rapper Noyd, Hav, G part 3, my n**** Bino and Nitty
Y'all feel me
Let me get deeper in the subject
Cause its gets me hard
Every n**** holding
Dont mean he gonn arc
Any n**** that show it
Need to disown it
Or get it tooken by another who deserve it
Listen, this is what it takes to survive today
Use your eyes, to my n***** thats ride with me
And you see that n**** P, be the storm quiet
Im holding, so ease back
I stay infamous minded
Yeah yeah n****, s*** is real
You know
Infamous minded
Yo, this n***** outhere
We moving blindly dun, its all about survival though
They don't know
You the top dawg for the rest to follow
Infamous minded
You know how we do it killer
The Qb way, my way or no way
Queensbrige to our death day
Infamous minded
s***, why you think they call us infamous n****
We earned the t**le n****
Not cause it sounds tough dumb f***
Infamous minded
When the bridge start rocking
The bridge, It keep rocking
When the bridge start rocking
The mobb'll keep rocking
When the bridge start rocking
Queens still be rocking
When the bridge start rocking
My n***** keep popping
[Repeat chorus til fade]
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