Paul Oakenfold Lyrics

Trance Mission
  1. Theme for Great Cities (Radio Edit)
  2. Cafe Del Mar (Radio Edit)
  3. Dreams (Radio Edit)
  4. Barber's Adagio for Strings (Vocal Radio Edit)
  5. Toca Me (Radio Edit)
  6. Ready Steady Go! (Beatman & Ludmilla Radio Edit)
  7. Not Over Yet (Radio Edit)
  8. Awakening (Radio Edit)
  9. Madagascar (Radio Edit)
  10. Open Your Eyes (Radio Edit)
  11. Hold That Sucker Down (Radio Edit)
  12. Touch Me
  13. Trance Mission (Full Continuous DJ Mix)
  14. Barber's Adagio for Strings (Instrumental Radio Edit)
  15. Ready Steady Go! (Plump DJs 303Bass Radio Edit)
  16. Touch Me (2Symmetry Radio Edit)
  17. Not Over Yet
  18. Dreams (Yonathan Zvi Radio Edit)
  19. Madagascar (Simon Bostock Radio Edit)
  20. Hold That Sucker Down (Johnny Yono Radio Edit)
  21. Open Your Eyes (Future Disciple Radio Edit)
  22. Cafe Del Mar (Activa Radio Edit)
  23. Awakening (Chris Voro Radio Edit)
  24. Toca Me (Eshericks Radio Edit)
A Lively Mind
  1. No Compromise
  2. Switch On
  3. Amsterdam
  4. Set It Off
  5. The Way I Feel
  6. Praise the Lord
  7. Save the Last Trance for Me
  8. Not Over
  9. Vulnerable
  10. Feed Your Mind