Let This Love Begin Lyrics

I've seen the faces of angels
Appear in the mountains after the rain
I've danced on a beach at sunrise
Picking flowers with no name
After all the things I've ever done
Can I be sure that you're the one?
Is this love?
Is it everything I've dreamed of?
Was it you that caused my head to spin or is it love?
Can I trust the way I'm feeling?
Is it right for me to let this love begin?
I've been miles across the desert
Lit a fire with the beduins
I swam to the bottom of the ocean
Now I'm aware just who I am

didn't know if I crossed the line
just take it slow, I'll find out in time
Let this love begin
Is it love
Is this love (Is it love) (3x)
Is it Love (2x)
Let this love begin (3x)
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