Patti Smith Lyrics

iTunes Originals
  1. iTunes Originals
  2. I Can't Remember Ever Recording It Acoustically
  3. P*****g In a River (iTunes Originals Version)
  4. It Was Our Most Popular Song
  5. Because the Night
  6. It Was Written In Memory of the Hopi Indians
  7. Ghost Dance (iTunes Originals Version)
  8. I Was Walking By the Sea Thinking of Him
  9. Frederick
  10. In the Face of Loss We Have to Be Strong
  11. About a Boy
  12. A Poem for Oliver Ray
  13. Beneath the Southern Cross
  14. I Wanted to Sing It the Way I Ride a Horse
  15. Midnight Rider (iTunes Originals Version)
  16. My Inspiration Was Mother Teresa
  17. One Voice
  18. I Always Look to William Blake When I'm Having a Difficult Year
  19. My Blakean Year
  20. This Song Came to Mind
  21. Tara / Peaceable Kingdom (iTunes Originals Version)
  22. We Became Instant Friends
  23. Gloria: In Excelsis Deo (Live)
  24. It's a Very Alive Song
  25. Soul Kitchen (iTunes Originals Version)
  26. The Most Emotional Song On the Record
  27. Smells Like Teen Spirit (iTunes Originals Version)