Positive Lyrics

When everybody´s foolin´ around with you
and all you know is that you´re losin´ your mind
When everybody´s tryin´ to hound on you
and all you´re feelin´ is despair of that grind
When everybody´s always been found untrue
only tryin´to make you blind
When everybod´s bringin´you down don´t you
really wish to leave it all behind

Then make an end of run and hide
Try to see the sunny side
Get some joy( you) don´t have to pay
The world around ain´t only grey
So let the colors flood your brain
Feel the light - forget your pain
If you´re not able to believe
Come on and try to be more
Positive - it´s the better way to live
lets be more positiv - and its so easy done to give

When everybod´s of no more account to you
and you can´t give any emotional sign
When everybody´s hangin´ around - you too
start to feel that aou´re one of the kind
When everybody´s stealin´ the sound from you
shut´s been the best you could ever find
When everybody´s settin´some bounds on you
but all your dreams are right beyound that line

Then make...
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