L'Age d'Or Lyrics

I saw her in the strangulation room
She said, "Do you think your venom
Is strong enough to really work on me?"
I think she just wants me on the temporary
She said you're all fitness but is it just a paper love?
And I kept you in my kiss almanac
Ever since you dropped your stage name
Re-emerged as Viper Fragment
I've liked you so much more
I've noticed things about you I never had before
Now I want you on the kitchen table, public bathroom
On the dirty floor
s***, they're knocking down the door
I've missed your encore

I know she's kind of fug
She's just my party drug
I ain't all that fly my d*** self
I know she's kind of fug
She's just my party
Young p**** is a star
How slick you are
I've got to get my bust
Before this planet turns to dust
I mean she's the only flight I'm really on

I know she's kind of fug
She's just my party
At least for tonight

I know you were scared
Because I was your first secular lover
And it didn't feel like
We kind of healed each other
We play deprivation games
I let you load the cartridge
You were in your spring
You hungered for everything
But was I just a symbol?
Something for you to escape to?
All the things I made you do
They will return to haunt you
But come on, let's not pout
It was just an adventure
At least I taught you
How to stop living like such a mouse
I know she's kind of fug . . .
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