Mr. Trice Lyrics

This is the c***
I'm with my man Mr. Trice
Def entertainment bout to take over this s***
Is yall m**** f****** ready
Once again, is yall m**** f****** ready.. yea.. yea
[Verse One]
Mr. Trice, One in a Mil.. f*** it I'm one in a bill..
f*** it I'm one in a zill yo
This specimen is rare
A big lip n**** with an ice-cold stare
I cripple infinitely yall dare
any n**** with steel b**** to try to front over here
You get done over here
Leaving n***** touch more than a LD off a blunt over here
Cake n***** be the beat eating
And since I got a sweet tooth I digest weaklings
Mr. Trice been caged for a minute
I hit the stage for a minute m**** f****** turn timid
It's the T-R-I-C-E can you feel that s***

Is you m**** f****** ready
Can you feel it?
Can you feel that s***?
Napp entertainment in the house
We representing for the 99.. . the new millennium
All that s***
m**** f*****
How you love dat .. playboy
How you love dat
How you love dat s***

[Verse Two]
Mr. Trice Bodacious with flow
And barbaric in the way I let you n***** know
If blunt too much I still get frank
And if frank scantlis
Wait and see what bold think
We act off instinct nuttin more
Same goes for my d*** with a dusty hor
I represent gore
Same reason all that red s**** on the f***** floor
n**** what you hear for?
You don't want to see me when I'm angry
Too many of yall cats take Mr. Trice too plainly
A Plague disease infested
And I spread it all across your lyrical testaments.. Peasants
You peasant n***** ain't ready
m**** f***** yall peasant m**** f****** ain't ready
This was another Moss Production
We live at Napp Entertainment for the new Millennium
Blowin m**** f****** out the water
Representing from the Mo Town
[Verse Three]
Mr. Trice on this rap s*** I got it made
Its nuttin for me to find a spot in rap page
Disperse rep with body parts across stage
The big question is "Obie what's your age?"
Just cause I'm a young n****
Don't mean you can't get hung n****
Or stung by a gun trigger
I be amongst viscous figures
Who hear nuttin
Just foot steps when you runnin
Mr. Trice's stunning actious staff
They got out of line I had to axe their a**
Exlax their a**
Italy s****** on it selves when
Mr. Trice brought the f***** wrath

Hey yo he just brought the m**** f***** wrath
Napp Entertainment putting their foot up in n****'s a**
You n***** ain't ready for that hot s***
We be droppin for the millennium
Napp Entertainment
Mr. Trice
Executive Producer.. Mr. Wilson
m**** f***** this was the c***
Opposite of other n*****
I don't give a f***
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