8 Miles Lyrics

[Intro] (*echo*)
Soul a**assins
[Verse 1]
I'm stranded off School Craft Avenue, I gotta make it to 8
This b**** I'm with, she bein fake
I get out her car without a strand in my pocket
She force a n**** to walk through the land of this hot s***
It's cold as f*** but wait
It's a full moon so it's a little easy to navigate
I'm walkin up Greenfield with no thriller with me
Fresh as f***, n***** come and get me
Buses ain't workin, crackheads lurkin
Know them stick up n***** wanna murk me and
I reach Grand River, cats ridin by with they eyes on a n****
I cross the light and hear them tires squeal
U-Turn, they came back ill
No talkin, the gun started sparkin
Popo got to chalkin

[Chorus] - 2X - (w/out - "n****" at the beginning of the second time)
n**** if I made it to 8 Mile, you wouldn't understand the D
So I'ma reincarnate Obie
Put the same life in a different situation
Show you m************ what a n**** facin
[Verse 2]
So I reach Finkel Ave., I'm mad as f*** now
A n**** shoulda stuck with that b****
My down coat ain't as fluffy and thick
And crackheads rushin me for bones to hit
I say "I don't got them flavors man, I'm straight"
But raw heads like to hate
I'm tryna make it to the next Ave., Puritan, PA
Them same fiends goin Obie way
I turn down, n***** followin
I walk faster, n***** get to joggin
Look again and them 'heads get to hollerin
Stab me in the abdomen, Rambo dagger me
Put me out there, Greenfield massacre
Strip me a** naked, fiends is even reckless
Detroit n****, crackheads keep weapons
Look at your life precious, it's hectic

[Verse 3]
I cross Mack nickels, a n**** straight
That's why I BS on the grind chasin cake
n***** ain't shifty tonight, flippin white
So I "Blow" past them like Johnny Depp's life
I reach 7 Mile, it's already trouble
A drunk n**** smashed up a couple
Bodies in half, s***
I ain't gawkin, I'm tryna get my a** on the Ave
8 Mile so close, but what do ya know
The n**** fled the scene who killed those folks
Witness point like I know that coat
Like I'm the one that splattered those people on the pole
Family members runnin up on the O
Police can't detain him, guns start aimin
Ain't s*** changin n****, my brain's hangin
You wouldn't know the D if I met my destination

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