Here We Are (For W. Cullen Hart) Lyrics

Here we are, a final moment
found inside a wood guitar
That splits the seams wide open
Oh Oh
'cause I know who you are
You paint the doors and walls
and listen for the bell-chime calls
And life is nothing more at all than
tea-cup drips and bouncing b****
And Oh
It's real, and never fading
Listen to the strings you've strung
and all the words you're saying now
Sing a song, a song with feeling
that sounds best when you've hit the bong
and concludes deeper meaning
Oh Oh
'cause I know sometimes
All the thoughts can sometimes hit
Confusion as the record skips
But who needs fools to think you're hip
When all the world is full of s***
And Oh
I hear the timbres you're playing
It sits inside the summer sky
It's softly cascading
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