Woodgrain and Leather Wit a Hole Lyrics

Come over baby, come over here, sit down sit down
I need to talk to you for a second baby
I really been, kicking a few things around baby
And I want to share them with you right now, ya know what I'm saying?
Now later but now you understand me baby?
I want to talk to you cause I
I want to change your whole way of thinking baby ya know what I'm saying?
Not-not for my benefit baby, but for your benefit
Ya see what I'm saying baby?
Cause this would allow you yourself baby, ya see what I'm saying?
To become more, with one with yourself, you see what baby?
All I'm asking, and-and proposing that you do is
You just, just listen to me right now baby, ya see what I'm saying?
I want to change your whole way of thinking baby, ya see?
I want to rearrange your whole medulla oblongata baby, ya see what I'm saying?
Can you DEAL with that right there baby? ya know what I'm saying?
Now I-I, I know-I know it's a little extreme right now baby
Be quiet, ya know what I'm saying? Listen, listen baby, listen ya know what I'm saying?
Listen to what I said baby, ya know what I'm saying?
You know listen to me baby, did you hear what I said baby?
I want to change your whole way, of thinking baby, ya see what I'm saying?
Did you hear me baby? Listen could you.. can you hear me baby?
Ya see what I'm sayin? Cause if you say what you heard I'll kill you

Yo, I want to explain something to all the, squares out there
They may not know what 24, wood grain and leather with a hole is
24 inches or twenty-four inch rims in diameter
Wood grain is the type of material that goes like on the dashboard or your doors
Leather is like your seats
And the hole is what they call a sunroof
Or maybe a three-way power hole

We ride, 24's or better, wood grain or leather, with a hole
That's all I know, I know
Plus - 15's in the trunk (trunk) system ain't no punk (punk)
Listen to it b**p (boom boom) and there she blows
(There she blows!)
She blows
I like to slide through the park (park) slightly after dark (dark)
Grab my lighter spark (woo!) up my, hydro
You know when I'm ridin I like to lay back and (hydro)
Fire up that killer, you know?
My foot slightly on the gas (gas) my system on blast (blast)
I'm spikin on some - (ooh!) and yeah, she knows
Yeah, she likes when I do that (she knows)
She knows
Who got the fire (fire) her word desire (desire)
I'm not for hire (oh no) but you, can go
You know you more than welcome to go ma (can goooo)
Straight back to my place (my place) haste make waste (waste)
And you don't have to wait (no you don't girl) oh no you don't
You know you don't have to wait (you don't)
You know you got a V.I.P. pass girl!

Uhh, uhh
I'm Mr. P-I-M-P, J-you-I-see-E
Dirty E-N-T (we all we got) yeah that's meeeee
Why'know, me, Lazy (that's meeeee)
We try to do what we do, why'know?
What can I say (what can I say) I was, raised that way
You can ask my da-day (he'll tell you) and you will seeeee
Why'know he'll probably say somethin like
He got it honestly (you'll seeee) hahahaha
This for my, 9-to-5'ers (and my) my local riders (and my)
The block beaters (and) riding around with all those treeeeees
Please, I hope you got a stash spot somewhere why'know?
Won'tcha, please be gone from (please) just stay away (stay away)
Just stay out thurr (woop woop) I'm talkin bout the po-liiiice
Yeah man cause you know they'll try to hem you up
If you let 'em why'know? (the po-liiiice)


Check it! see'mon
Now what I want you to do right here is I want you to
Unravel that cigarillo or, open up that wrapper
Pull out them Zigs and the Zags and the Zags and the Zigs
And I want you to, take your time and be one with the road
I need you to turn your system up right now
If this ain't knocking in your system you need to get your money back
(Go now go!)

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