Warrior Lyrics

[Hook 2X: Nelly]
And this is my battle cry
Hey now, hey now, hey now, hey (woo!)
Hey now, hey now, hey now, hey
WARRIOR! No horse, I'm in the Cadillac
No spur, I got a black bag
No crown, I got my hat back
No drive, I got my Rat Pack
And it's like that, yeahhhh
I ain't ask you for your feedback
All your comments you hatin and makin, I don't need that
I see your chest, where that beat at?
No heart, no soul, no goal, believe that!
You ain't ready, I can see that
And if I have to take the stand, yo the fifth I'mma plead that
But for now mayne, I ain't sayin nothin
You wanna keep frontin? Then I'mma show 'em somethin
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

Yo, see on the real, I think my jewelry's racist
My earrings don't get along and they both hate the bracelet
My chains say my charm be actin heavy sometimes
They call my watch a momma's boy, cause it constantly whine
If I told you record sales you would think I was lyin
Derrty early 30, he talkin 'bout he retirin
I used to be Fo Reel, now I'm just Derrty
I just wanted to sell a mil', whoever thought I'd do 30? (hey)
Well maybe I did, but never this early
Every time they doubted me like Tiger Woods
But I kept comin back like Tiger would
Bangin them (woo!) like rival hoods
Cause I'm a..

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