Steal the Show Lyrics

[City Spud]
Yo, 'for the n**** mention my name I let him know the deal
I'm the n****, same n****, thought was a lame n****
Now I push a Range n****, you know the name n****
Peep the Iceberg jeans, the ice chain n****
And if I got beef I let the whole world know it
So if you got beef let the whole world know it
Yaun take it to the streets let the whole world know it
It's the chance for your big career, don't blow it
Or get it blown from the top gun n****
I ain't finished talkin 'bout it 'till ya top gone n****
Dissin my crew you catch hot ones
I'm hot son, yo that's why I carry hot guns
I'm on a beach in L.A. f***** fly misses
While you n***** at the crib tryna' find misses
Yo I'm gettin head from the Mexican dime b******
Them n***** mad 'cause they riches ain't like my riches

[Murphey Lee]
A yo, I'm Murphey Lee the school boy
The civilized jewel boy
I got not one, two, three, four, five, but six w****s
For equality, vocal ? and wallabies
I smoke la like ? it got me boomin like bad-a-bing
Rap, don't gotta sing 'cause I get my hum on
Actually I get hummed on
Hoes tongues be on my dong dong
? long, head at night, head in the morn
Lunatic, five strong, king kong's are writin songs
Cats be gettin gone thinkin they got it goin on
Folks brought you a brawl, it all started in ya home
Check the background, St. Louis clown from the U-Town
Fourteen, pimp of the year like Dru Down
Same crew now, it's too d*** quiet but too loud
Hoes be pretendin always sayin they too proud
If I ruled the world, I do now
Me and the 'Tics 'bout to rack 'em and move the crowd

[Hook - (Lunatics) 2x]
Call the cops, I see a robbery in progress
Lunatics about to steal the show
(Where you from?)
From the S-T-L, M-O, 3-1-4
I rip grass and smash, with a 44 mag
This n**** jag, from the front to the back I heard it crash
n**** ?? hurt 'em bad, you heard him laugh
Talkin trash 'bout whoopin my a**
I never let a n**** do that, who that
Get his brains blew back with a new gat
Yellin "true that", hollowtips is goin cleeeeean through that
And I didn't have to get my whole team just to do that
In a blue hat, with a black baggy Karl Kani
An iced out ring just to score on your eye
Hard to die, like Bruce, Lee get a victory
Cats is sick like H-I-V if they feelin weak
We be ??? , Jackie Frost, ???
Danny Terrio, ?? shows to the Motorola
Money hold up, whippin the Rover, high roller dog
What you holdin, I'm paid, so controllin y'all
Yiggidy yes y'all like Das EFX, I's be next
To rep that Midwest, it's sets and projects

Now once Keyaun say hit the safe, raise the stakes
'Tics in fifty states, might as well blaze the cake
I got moves to make, transactions to handshakes
Drugs for papes, now I'm sellin CDs and tapes
Funerals and wakes caused by greed and hate
A snake is still a snake no matter the size or shape
Those that hate, anchored with weights, found in the lake
Come off the chain my main, you tied to the gate
First you caught a case, second you caught the babes
Third, you caught me with your date, that was no mistake
Good things come to those who wait
So if you waitin on them 'Tics, huh, they gon' be late
In your house with your spouse I'm doin the nasty
I'm a felon, ask Jay, I rob industries and ashtrays
Branson and hashy, ?? and wrap somethin
And burn the place, ya heard me
Watch me load up the ammo, c*** it back slow
In the back door, infrared low
Tell me somethin that I don't already know
Like, which one of these closets contain cash flow
Got three little problems I just thought you should know
Peep, I'm addicted to 'yes' and I'm allergic to 'no'
I'm obsessed with dough, money makin and the hoes
Anything other than satisfaction gon' blow
Heard through the grapevine you lookin for me
Couldn't be, 'cause if it was you would be bookin from me
Shook when ya see Nelly rollin in the GS-3
Hangin out the sunroof like "bing, bing, bing"
Back the car up, pop the trunk now
Can ya hold ya breath 'cause I'ma flood this town
That a** scream "nine-second-five right here"
Neighbors on the lawn like "Nelly, why right here"

[(Hook) 1 1/2x]
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