Wake Up Lyrics

Shade sheist:
Yeah b****
Where go the blaze at?
That's right, yeah
Ride with me, yeah
Walk a block with me
On the heist with me
Represent with me
Yo, ride with me
Walk a block with me
On the heist, with my heist with me
Represent, yo

Nate dogg:
When i wake up in the morning, when i get up out of my bed
At all times i remain a hustler, at all times i be chasing my bread
Since this one's for my people, i'ma make sure you heard what i said
Daddy say speak loud and clearly, daddy say aim for the head
I think we all to cool to lose it, i say we all stay leveled instead
I say still we tame the hookers, i know we still eluding them feds
We make this one for the negroes, and for the caucasians who care
They say they treat us like we equal
I say they treat us like we just don't care
When i wake up in the morning
When i get up out my bed
I will always be a hustler
I will always chase my bread
Since this one's for my people
I'ma make sure you hear what i said
I'm gon' speak so loud and clearly
I'm gon' aim straight for yo head
Shade sheist:
Yo, i wake up late but still got currency
Dreams, snooze b***on no i'm trying to sleep
I got bill and the ends ain't trying to meet
So i'm pressed for cash and i'm out of my league
Ya' see, times ain't the greatest and i ain't ali
So my hours are 9 to 5 and my job's the street
I'm in a low position trying to hope these mission
Crenshaw when exposition feeling holiday wishin'
And the block west stat and the spot we sure have
Rallies on manchester, inglewood on saturdays turn to night
Shade always been the type to show love to those whom always doinc12
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