Dopeman Lyrics

[Ice Cube]
It was once said by a man who couldn't quit
Dope man please can I have another hit
The dope man said cluck I don't give a s***
If your girl kneels down and sucks my d***
It all happened and the guy tried to choke her
n**** living in cash selling to smokers
That's the way goes that's the name of the game
Young brother getting over by slanging cane
Gold around his neck 14 k he has it
b****** on his d*** 24-7 plus he's making
Money keeping the base heads waiting
Rollin 6.4. wit the fresh a** daytons
Living in Compton, California CA
His Uzi up yo a** if he don't get paid
n**** begging for credit he's knocking out teeth
Clocking much dollars on the 1st and 15th
Big wad of money nothing less than a twenty
Yo you want a five-oh the dope man gots plenty
To be a dope man boy you must qualify
Don't get high off your own supply
From a kid to a G it's all about money
10 peace base pipe comes free
If people out there are not hip to the fact
If you see some one getting money for crack he's

Dope man dope man
Hey man give me a hit
Dope man dope man
Hey yo f*** that s***
Dope man dope man
We just can't quit
Dope man dope man
Well suck this b****
[Ice Cube]
Wait a minute who the f*** are you talking to do you know who I am
I can't believe this this b**** is trying to gank me
I'll slap you up side yo head wit 9 inches of limp d***

[Ice Cube]
You need a n**** with money so you get a dope man
Juice that fool 4 has much as you can
She likes his car and he gets wit her
Got a black eye 'cause the dope man hit her
Let that slide and you pay it no mind
Find he's slapping you all the time
That's OK cause he's rich and you ain't
Nothing but the dope man's b**** do what he say and
You keep yo mouth shut popping that trash
Might get you f***** up you'll sit and cry
If the dope man strikes you he don't give a f***
He gots t just like you
There's a another girl in the dopeman's life
Not quite a b**** but far from a wife
She's called strawberry and everybody know
Strawberry strawberry is the neighborhood hoe
Do any thing for a hit are 2 give the b**** a rock
And she will f*** your hole d*** crew
It might be yo wife and it might make you sick
Come home and see her mouth on the dopeman's d***
Strawberry just look around you'll see her
But don't f*** around she'll give you gonorrhea
If people out there ain't hip to the fact
Strawberry is a girl selling p**** for crack
Dope man dope man
Hey man give me a hit
Dope man dope man
Hey yo man f*** that s***
Dope man dope man
In yo face
Hey yo dre bring in the bass

[Eazy E]
Hey Mr. dope man you think
Your slick you sold crack to my sister and now she's sick but if she
Happens to die becuase
Of yo drug I'm putting in yo quote a 38 slug
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