Funky Cold Medina Lyrics

Tequila was the s***
It got you where you wanted
But the morning after
Was the s***** thing about it
They brought a high formula
Wich's stronger than dry cooler
It's made in Argentina
It's called the Funky Cold Medina
No ???, or pills, no drugs or vitaminas
Can make your d*** harder than a Funky Cold Medina
But the time the bellow sit was scattered the c***per
First of her annus then straight into her snapper
I bet you won't belive but at the time that he comes
He's much more than a p***star
His name is Robert Holmes
Cos' he's a mucho muchacho,
We call him s** machina
You know what he was drinking?
Funky Cold Medina
Funky Cold Medina
I'm more i fell a blow when night
and see there's a conmotion
Everybody's getting around this magic potion
In a crystal bottle
Blue just like the ocean
It's said put some in glass to get the night emotion

I've been into this girl
She said her name's Katrina
I just untie my fly
And then I gave her some metina
in like the Taxi termest i went and stopt the beaver
i think that magic potion,

Me fui pa' la cantina
Por mi Funky Cold Medina
me puse muy borroso y conoci a una cochina
nos pusimos a bailar, toda la noche ladraba
cuando la volvi a buscar estaba toda WACAREADA

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