[This Is Real Life] Lyrics

Choices and the voices of their lying lips
Riding in the backseat of your closet ship
Feeding while they're eating all our innocence
And I know that this is real life
In the backyard, on the loveseat
With the TV in the cellar

And I know that this is real life
And I am talking to the sofa in the soda machine
And there's a 7-Up logic that I've never seen, though

Won't you let me in on your secret?
In the summer
Because we're playing horseshoe without her

I got a reason that I'm giving up
Everything that I ever owned or I ever done
Or you ever gave me
You want another reason, oh
I don't know my friends
You want another meaning, oh
I don't know the reason

Look at our creation, oh
This, too, bore aching then
You want another way back home
I don't know direction
You want to know a secret?
You're my favorite friend
You want to see me bleeding now?
I'm calling this an end

And you don't do what you want to
And they try to control you
Why don't you laugh in my face again?
You know that I haven't got enough friends
Why don't you spit in my tears again?
You know that this bemeans my end
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