Sock It 2 Me Lyrics

(feat. Da Brat)

Do it (repeat 6X)
No (repeat 3X)
Verse One: Missy Elliott
I was lookin for affection, so I decided to go
Swing that up in my direction, I'll be outta control
Let's take it to perfection, let's see if you can
bring bring bring, the nasty out of me
Len Len Len uhh won't you sock it 2 me
Chorus: Missy Elliott
Sock it ooh ahh
Sock it 2 me like you want to ooh
I can take it like a pro you know
Move along pro with the backstroke
My hormones jumpin like a disco
I be poppin mess like some Crisco
All you gotta say is where Missy go
And when you say go I say move slow
Verse Two: Missy Elliott
I'm at your house around midnight, don't fall asleep
It'll just be me me me, on a late night creep
I'm gonna show you things, that you can't believe
Jump in this be-e-beat, won't you sock it 2 me
Chorus 3X
Verse Three: Da Brat
Why Missy be sockin it to n***** like ReRe
The baddest industry b****** of the century
Hit hard, like penetentiary bars
Finnaly admitted that we the s*** combination on the see-through
Poppin patron with Missy on the 600 with no see-through
Suffer the repercussion, f***** with s*** like this
We partay puffin constantly makin n***** suffer the consequence
Gotta get that a** b****
House in the Chi with a Candy in Atlanta with a Benz
n***** been huffin and puffin but ain't try s***
Got cream m************ steady ride quick besides kids wanna bust
But you shouldn't forget ends when you f***** with me
You jealous cause I live more flushed
Me and Missy been livin with the (unknown)
Harrass bein ruckest plus (unknown)
When I'm sellin, never gonna stop it
Sockin it 2 n*****, droppin em on the spot
Get up in the block around the shop, knockin you off of yo socks
Guaranteed platinum, watch two of the coldest b****** get hot
I be the B-R-A-T, her be Missy
We be the bad b****** who be f***** it up
I be the B-R-A-T, her be Missy
We be the bad b****** who be f***** it up
I'm yo' n**** for life ba-by
Listen to ya we drive all these m************ crazy
You know what I'm sayin, yeah Timbaland
I see you baby, I feel you
Sock it 2 em g******it
It's 9-7, this the m*********** b**** era
What y'all n***** wanna do
The rat-tat-tat on that a** once more
I'm out the door m***********, yeah
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