Heaven's Open (12'' version) Lyrics

This Is That Morning
It's Waiting For You
The Face Of Destiny
Standing Before You
This Is Zero Hour, Now Is For You
Can You Feel That Power Inside Of You?

This Priceless Moment
In Your Possession
Answers To Mysteries
Stand In Succession

This Is Zero Hour And There's No Way Back
Can You Feel That Power In Its Arms You're Wrapped?
All Through The Night-Time
'Til The Sun Comes In
Now Heaven's Open
Fly Right In
Now You Stand In That Garden
This Is That Vision
Out On The World's Edges
It's Your Baptism
This Is Zero Hour And Your Hands Are Free
Can You Feel That Power? It's Ecstasy!
All Through The Night-Time
Let The Blue Sky In

Heaven's Open
Sun Comes In
Heaven's Open
Let That Blue Sky In
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