Two Child One Drop Lyrics

the world is dyin
world is cryin
world goes blind
while the boy is lyin
the house is burnin
the children mourning
their father's death
while world it keeps turning
one more day of pain has passed while he lies in the sand on his back lookin through the cracks in the sky sunsets and all drowns in twilight
the desert stretches on for one more day
the girl pleads to him don't go away
his lips they move but got nothing to say stares blankly threw her face recollection of his brothers as they played
the world is black the earth is cracked a child with no arms lyin on his back no where to go in the middle of this cold in the middle of this earth spinnin out of control
did i have moments that were worth living for i took the gun they gave me through it down on the floor they chopped off my arms threw me out of the door I am a murderer
runnin in the desert runnin into the the sun runnin out of blood and I'm goin numb I'm runnin and you're runnin and we're runnin on empty
I'm runnin in this maze till I reach the sea my heart burns up inside of me burnt and charred from this desert heat my heart burns up inside of me and the pain with in is the pain outside the desert right here is a reflection of my life just as brutal as i am the sun me and the desert we are one I am a murderer
only the dead souls know I'm alive they want me to lie down by their side these are the demons that passed through my life that killed me over a thousand times
i don't run I don't flee i don't fight i don't make fun but don't flex my might i don't act dumb but don't shine my light I sit down on the ground till the time is right
they seek my demise and rely on my dark side to give into the night all those desperate ghosts stuck souls trapped in black holes became wearwolves stolen souls wanna see me bleed
it's a new day a new way, it's gone it's dooms day for those who hold on to old ways your grip is so strong you choke and you swallow and leave the place torn so tread lightly no need to fight me no need to be right it's so frightening soul like dust and flash like lightning I slip through your grip cause you hold so tightly i didn't stop nah i'm just becoming I'm not finished nah I'm just arriving i'm not done don't know where i'm going not afraid not to know and keep growing once you know you're dead and not living and that wisdom to know while your breathing
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